VTR Flatbed Trailer

Another type of trailer that we can offer is the VTR Flatbed trailer. Ideal for, among other things, steel transport.

Specifications and options Flatbed:
– Trailer is extendable
– Available with several axle configurations
– Available with steering Tridec axles with remote controle
– Liftable axles
– Load floor is made of hardwood or metal
– Load floor can be widened with hardwood planks
– Several lashing points
– Stainless steel boxes to store your lashing equipment
– Boxes to store wooden blocks
– Available with twistlocks for container transport
– Can be delivered in company colors
– Extendible width signs
– Individual options possible
– Folding collision guard available for the purpose of bringing a truck-mounted forklift with you
– Can be delivered in company colors
– Individual options possible