Scania Torpedo

Although Scania stopped producing T-series since September 2005, you can still buy brand new T-series. You can contact us for that. We can convert the old R-type into a T-serie, using original parts and then customize it entirely according to your wishes with various accessories. Up to now we have already built more than 50 T-cabs.

With the introduction of Scania’s Next Gen series, the T-series has not come to an end. We can convert a S-serie into a T-serie. For this we have developed various components ourselves, which in terms of lines connect seamlessly with the lines of the new cab. The bonnet has been developed in such a way that in terms of electronic options nothing has to be moved and that these options therefore remain their function, without exception. To make a good entry into the cabin possible, we have chosen three original entry steps, which are incorporated in a new part of the side skirt. Because the bottom line of the cab is different for a t-cab than for a front steer truck, we have developed door extensions for this purpose and we make adjustments to the fenders.

Are you interested in buying a new Scania T-serie and do you have special wishes? Please contact us to find out what is possible.