Vlastuin Truck- & Trailerservice can provide all legal approvals for lorries for its customers. A large number of engineers are trained and certified to perform the inspections. We also have modern equipment to carry out these tests, such as a calibration equipment, diagnostic equipment, etc. Vlastuin Truck- & Trailerservice is an approved inspection station for the R.D.W. and Bovag.

  • APK 1
    Legally required APK inspection for lorries, heavier than 3,500 kg.
  • APK 2
    Legally required APK inspection for cars with diesel engine up to 3,500 kg.
  • ADR
    For ADR vehicles the annual statutory inspection, including APK 1.
  • Soot metering
    Soot metering for diesel engines i.c.m. APK.
  • Tachograph
    Calibration of all types of tachographs, including digital tachograph.
  • Tailgate inspection
    At Truck Truck- & Trailerservice, the tailgate inspection is possible.

Tailgate inspection

In order to be able to use tailgate safely and securely, it is necessary that it is in a good condition. Regular maintenance prevents unnecessary interference. According to the ARBO-Act, it is mandatory to have your tailgate checked annually.

Using a checklist, your tailgate is checked at a fixed number of points. Any possible deficiencies can be localized and rectified. Unnecessary malfunctions can be prevented.

After the inspection, the tailgate is tested. The load and nuisance test is designed to determine whether the tailgate can lift the correct weight